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The Seabreacher
The Seabreacher is a huge step forward in the development of watercraft for sport, tourism and entertainment. What the Seabreacher represents today is the fruit of over a decade of engineering thought and tests of widely varied nature – a completely safe and stable watercraft, which can withstand even the most severe challenges in water. Each individual Seabreacher is hand-fabricated and customized in accordance with the desires and tastes of the client.

At present, several different models are available:
- model Х, which has the shape and appearance of a shark
- model Y, which is similar to an orca
- model Z, which looks like a dolphin
- model Sailfish, which looks like a real swordfish.

Each individual Seabreacher is unique in itself, because it allows each client to customize it during the order in accordance with their taste by selecting among many and different options, details and accessories.

Unlike ordinary watercraft for sport, tourism and entertainment, which have a more basic control mechanism, the control of the Seabreacher is more similar to that of an airplane and its movements. This allows the Seabreacher to carve left or right, to jump over the water, as well as to submerge and break through the waves. The latest modifications even allow 360° turns.

The two control sticks of the Seabreacher move forward and backwards, which causes upward or downward motion of the two front wings. If they are pressed down at the same time, they will move the side wings down, which will cause the Seabreacher to submerge. If they are pulled back up again, the vessel will get back on the plane and will bounce, similar to a plane during take-off. If both sticks are pushed simultaneously in different directions (one of them forward, and the other - backwards), this will lead to the turning of the Seabreacher around her axis at 360° along her forward movement.

Apart from the sticks, the Seabreacher also has two pedals, which take part in its steering. They can move both left and right, as well as up and down. When they are caused to move left or right, they turn in the respective direction the jet nozzle in the back, which controls the Seabreacher in left and right turns. The same pedals are moved up and down, and cause the rear stabilizers to move, which again affects the steering of the Seabreacher downwards or upwards, and leads to her submersion underwater or springing above the surface.

Thanks to the front and rear wings (stabilizers) you can perform the most varying acrobatic stunts with the Seabreacher, both under and above water, depending on the skills and the experience of the pilot, who is steering, you can perform an extensive dive, a 360°-turn, or jumps in the air.

All models of the Seabreacher have been approved and certified by the US Coast Guard as flotation devices of the water-jet type, designed for sport, tourism and entertainment. In most countries, the Seabreacher can be registered as a jet-boat. This is precisely the type of vessel, which is registered in the Republic of Bulgaria by the Executive Agency "Maritime Administration", which is a procedure, where we can assist to every client that purchased a Seabreacher from us. Please, keep in mind that, once registered as a jet-boat, in order to drive the Seabreacher, you need to possess the respective license for the piloting of a small watercraft, which is also issued by the Executive Agency "Maritime Administration" after the completion of a training course, and the successful taking of an aptitude test. The manufacturers of Innespace Production Inc. also want to draw the attention of all owners of the Seabreacher around the world that the vessel cannot be considered and used as a submarine.

The Seabreacher is designed to submerge to only a few meters under the surface for brief periods of time. Usually, this will be no more than 2-3 m, which depends mainly on the skills and the level of the particular pilot. Most people manage to keep the Seabreacher underwater for only 5-10 sec. during a dive, whereby almost always the tip of the snorkel above the waterline. More experienced pilots could stay underwater even for a minute before launching back above the surface. Also, if you perform similar loops, you need to keep in mind that this snorkel is where the air, needed for the operation of the engine, is taken in. Dipping the snorkel under the waterline will lead to the activation of the automatic protection and the shutting down of the engine, and the hull of the Seabreacher will only pop back above water like a cork. Unlike real submarines, the Seabreacher can always be easily spotted or heard when moving underwater, since, similar to jetskis, which submerge during driving, it also forms a huge wave above and around it. In spite of that, the creators of the Seabreacher recommend to all clients, who are using the Seabreacher to have a second security boat on the surface, which must have a constant radio connection with the vessel, in order to prevent accidents with other watercraft.

The Seabreacher
The Seabreacher
The Seabreacher