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If you would like to be the one that is piloting the Seabreacher, and not be the one that rides on the back seat, then we would like to offer personal training to you. You will have the unique opportunity to pilot this unique submersible vessel. The training is arranged to go on for several hours, during which you will receive theoretical knowledge of the structure, the operating mechanism and the control mechanism of the Seabreacher. You will be demonstrated some basic piloting techniques and several stunts, after which, you will be allowed to pilot the Seabreacher under the supervision of a trained instructor. If you demonstrate that you have mastered the main exercises and you can use the Seabreacher in a way that is safe, both for you and for the people around you, you will be allowed to pilot it on your own for some time, after which you will move on to more complicated maneuvers. After the end of the course, each candidate receives a certificate for the completed course and a free disc with a video from their training.

Price: from BGN 500

The Seabreacher is a watercraft, registered by the EA "Maritime Administration" as an in-board powerboat, which requires a piloting license for navigable watercraft.

For more information about the piloting courses of the Seabreacher, don't hesitate to contact us.